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Hilarious Webcomic Manager

Hilarious Webcomic Manager is designed to make browsing your favorite webcomics a lot easier. With Hilarious, you can keep track of when you last read each of the comics you enjoy and the place you left off in comic archives.


You can download the newest Hilarious XPI from our page at Alternately, you can download the current package from our servers by clicking here.

Getting Started

The first thing you'll want to do with Hilarious is add some comics to the list.

To do so, open Hilarious with the HWM icon on Firefox's navigation bar, navigate to a webcomic (for example, The Life of Ninja), and press the "Add" button, entering a title for the comic. You'll notice that the new entry becomes visible on the sidebar. Double-clicking an entry or highlighting it and pressing "open" will recall the page you saved. You can use the "Mark" button to update your position in the comic's archives, or "Remove" to permanently delete an entry from the list.

The Controls


Recall the last page you marked for an entry on the list. The page will load in the current tab.


Update the highlighted entry with the currently-loaded page. Hilarious will notify you if you accidentally try to update a comic with a page from a different domain (for example, updating the Penny Arcade entry from an xkcd page). Note that Hilarious works best from pages in a comic's archives, and if you mark a page like "latest.php" or the front page of a site, Hilarious cannot keep track of the comics on that site you haven't read yet.


Create a new entry for the current page. You can edit the title of the comic from the page's title tag. Note that some Unicode or special characters will not display properly in the Hilarious sidebar.


Permanently remove an entry from the list.


Store a backup copy of the HWM data file. You may wish to back up the data file before installing experimental updates to Hilarious or if you want to move a list of comics between computers.


Merge an HWM data file into the current list. If the imported data file contains an entry for a comic that is already present in the existing list, the latest-marked entry is stored.



You can enable or disable the display of a website's favicons next to its entry in the Hilarious sidebar. In HWM 2, this is enabled by default.


You can set Hilarious to highlight certain entries with bold text depending on how long it's been since the last time it was marked. By default, this is disabled, but you can set the specific range in the preferences dialog.