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Undergraduate Software Projects

These projects were all developed in my freetime during my undergraduate education. I keep them more for novelty and amusement than as examples of "good" software. They're unsupported and, in some cases, rather poorly-designed. Still, they're a part of my personal history, and if you're so inclined, download them and see what a half-baked homebrew programmer I was.

Jetman Plus Alpha 1

The HP50g remake of a game I wrote in high school. Requires the HPC ARM toolbox.

ReiTrei v1.00 Beta 1

The homebrew raytracer written in C++ from scratch - no 3d or matrix algebra libraries at all!

Cipyrografe v2.02

Geometry or psychotherapy? You be the judge.


It's a small SDL demo from way back when I was learning the library. Download if you want a good chuckle at a truly useless application.

Ninja's Othello v1.00

One of Ninja's favorite board games, released around the one-year anniversary of the comic.

Shatterball v2.00 Beta 1

A more open, cleaner version of Shatterball with a modification guide for making your own levels.

Shatterball v1.00 revision b

Our very own Arkanoid clone.

No picture...

Level pack 1: "Extend"

Five new levels for Shatterball v1.00 rev a, including a tribute to a certain classic video games character.

Tetraminos (version 1.02)

My third classic-gaming clone in SDL.

Vector Thrust II: The Arcane Arcade

The somnambulist lives.

Vector Thrust v1.00 Revision B

Vector graphics meet frantic gameplay in a dystopian future only beginning to rediscover a technology lost for hundreds of years: the personal computer.

Voice Machine v1.00 72hour Release

A little program I threw together in seventy-two hours when I was learning the SDL-mixer library.