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Articles by Brian Jackson

Why Isn't There a Comic Up Today?

15 January 2008

Blargh I'm Ded

Simply put, I have more paperwork than time. Classes are in full swing for the winter quarter, and I'm still working two jobs. If anyone would like to make a sizable donation to the "Brian Jackson Comic Relief Fund", you can contact me by email. Otherwise, I still have to put my job and my education ahead of the comic. As it is, I should be working on paperwork right now.

And the rumors that I'm just slacking off playing Halo are grossly overreported. Really.

If you're still hungry for some of my early software work, I'll probably post a couple older software releases that I found in the corners of my homebrew directory the other day. Hopefully, I'll actually put something useful out when that happens.

With all that said, I must be off. Paperwork awaits. Blargh.


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