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Articles by Brian Jackson

Brian Doesn't Update Enough: Volume 2

4 February 2009

Lots of news today:

I've started to see an interest in both my old games that are on the Software Projects page and some of the demos I've put together for people at Wright State Unviersity. As a result, the new format for the Software Projects page is coming together: I'll probably use the existing programs (which were written at different points during my education) as case studies, posting a small article on how the code is designed, and illustrating game programming with something tangible. This also means there's going to be some half-finished programs that appear for no other reason than the design approaches they represent, but I'm okay with that.

I'm also preparing to resubmit Hilarious Webcomic Manager to, and as soon as I've cleaned up the javascript a bit, it should clear the way for Hilarious to be added to the publicly-searchable database. Please leave a review at our current sandbox page at if you use Hilarious on a regular basis, because every review we get increases our chances of being accepted into the public space.

One of the other reasons I haven't been updating on a regular basis is the Go Club at Wright State, founded by three of my friends and I, and recently accepted as an official student organization by the university. Shortly, a persistent link to the WSU Go Club will be available; until then, if you're interested in joining us, use the contact link to get in touch with me.

Until next time, I leave you all with a couple screenshots from last year's demos, soon to be added to the Software Projects page:


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