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Articles by Brian Jackson

ReiTrei Development Update

12 March 2008

A sample render of the "Tricol" scene from ReiTrei 1.0 beta 3

To answer the question posed on the main page: yes, ReiTrei will be updated. I have a very late beta version of 1.0 on my development machine, and I could very easily release that sans documentation (aside from the very well-documented tutorial scene).

There's one big problem with maintaining ReiTrei, namely, the code is a mangled mess. I wrote the original codebase shortly after beginning my job at the lab, and I'd like to think I've become a much better programmer since then, especially after taking some very relevant mathematics courses.

So this presents me with a dilemma that I can only resolve in one way: massive rewrites. I've begun work on the second version of the program, ReiTrei 2.0. The code is readable, well-documented, and most importantly, maintainable. The end result should be a better piece of software for which a frontend could easily be written with GTK+ or .NET, and I'd very much like to make the source available under an open license on this site. Further, I'd love to integrate some new features including a OBJ reader to render existing 3D scenes generated in professional modeling programs.

Sample renders will come as soon as the program's first alpha version is prepared.

Also, the comic is still coming, but bear with me, I have finals to worry about first.


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