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Articles by Brian Jackson

Hilarious 2.1.1

15 April 2011

There was an issue with some of the first-run code that I overlooked before; while it's a fairly minor scope issue that won't affect the majority of users, it's worth fixing. Visit HWM's homepage, if you want to download it before the automatic updater gets it.

Release Notes:
Hilarious Webcomic Manager 2.1.1 is a minor update, primarily aimed at bringing HWM into Firefox 4.0:
- Some back-end tweaks have been implemented to improve usability when toggling HWM on and off.
- Many translations have been added. Thanks to Edgard Magalhaes, Fux, markh, Lakrits, and yfdyh000 on Babelzilla, Hilarious is now available in Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Simplified Chinese.
- A navigation-bar button will be added upon first startup, but can be moved or removed. The addon bar will have an identical button, and Hilarious can be opened with the Ctrl-Shift-M shortcut as always.
- A small scope issue with 2.1.0 has been fixed


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