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Hilarious 2 is Released

13 May 2010

Hilarious 2.0.0 is released!

You can get it the usual places: the page is still pending, but it is available early via its homepage or directly from right here.

Special thanks to the folks at, particularly Goofy (who provided the French localization within 24 hours of uploading) for their ongoing interest in translating Hilarious into foreign languages.

Hilarious 2 is a major upgrade, and provides a few new features. The release notes contain a complete list:

Release Notes:
Hilarious Webcomic Manager 2.0.0 is a major update, bringing a lot of nice things to the addon:
- Almost all of the backend code has been refactored for better consistency. Users with a great number of comics (>150) may take a small performance hit on marking, but this fixes all reported bugs related to inserting and removing items.
- Hilarious now supports Unicode comic names, so non-english titles will now be properly recorded and displayed (including Chinese characters).
- Favicons for the comics will be displayed next to the comic names
- Comics can be highlighted when they reach a user-specified range of days since their last mark
- An options dialog has been added to Tools->Addons for setting favicon and highlighting preferences
- Hilarious is now localizable, and in coming weeks non-English versions should become available
- A French localization (courtesy of Goofy on Babelzilla) has been added to Hilarious
- Hilarious 2 is backwards compatible with Hilarious 1.4 and earlier data, so importing old lists is OK


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