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Articles by Brian Jackson

I Hate Vi

14 May 2008

I think Hitler's DNA is inlined in Vi's source code, between profane comments from Bill Joy's evil twin and six hundred sixty-six lines of unholy opcodes.

There are, in fact, "Vi myths" in every ancient culture's oral history, usually associated with disaster, famine, and garbled ASCII text.

Few historians are willing to speak on the subject, but during the Spanish Inquisition, Vi was used to make accused heretics who survived the iron maiden confess to crimes they hadn't committed.

In the future, archaeologists will unearth a copy of Vi, and it will melt their faces.

According to the Vatican, Vi is the only editor installed on the POSIX-compatible computer in hell the devil uses to edit his list of the damned.



no shit. Used it in 1988, and will never go back


Yeah, I never got the hype either. I'm not much for Emacs either, though at least it doesn't make you break your fingers to perform simple tasks.

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