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Articles by Brian Jackson

Two Year Anniversary

19 May 2008

Today, turns two!

The second year of the site saw several difficulties and changes:

  • The comic went on hiatus for a couple months, and has never returned from its irregular update schedule
  • The software releases have been spaced out considerably
  • The forum's traffic has dropped down to a few loyal members still playing the word association game

I hope nobody thinks I'm giving up on any of these - the comic is a lot of fun to draw, but very time-consuming. I'm not sure in what way I'll have to adapt my techniques, but the comics will continue, even if it's very slow work. I do still have things that take priority over it.

We've also seen several successes, not the least of which is the articles section on the site. The article "Good Theology, Bad Theology" has been my favorite piece, I think, having more pages of comments than the original article by far.

In terms of software releases for this coming year, I can offer the following (with the usual "it'll be done when it's finished" caveat):

  • ReiTrei 2 will have a beta out as soon as I finish writing the documentation
  • Slushies 4 will also have a beta out when I write some documentation and finish up some loose ends
  • Hilarious Webcomic Manager will be updated when Firefox 3.0 is released
  • A couple programs I've been working on without explicitly mentioning them are due to be released by the end of the year

Over the summer, I'd like to have more time to work on the site, but please hold any snide comments about "omg your takin to long". This is, with a few exceptions, a one-man production.



omg your takin to long


I win the pool! It didn't even take twelve hours!

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