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Articles by Brian Jackson

Testing Out New Features

21 June 2007

Well, if you're reading today's post, that must mean that my new PHP script is working. I should be able to post from anywhere now, and without an FTP program. Nifty!

Debugging the thing was a pain in the neck. I spent a couple hours trying to make the auto-RSS-update feature working correctly. I guess it's better than spending the same amount of time watching television.

I'm thinking about taking a break from regular updates to the comic - not from drawing them, but from releasing one a week. I'm already halfway there, and I don't think I've uploaded a comic on Monday in a month or so. I do have one for this week, which I may release as early as tonight or as late as next Monday.

Leave me a comment if you see something amiss on the site tonight, because I've stopped testing my new software.



Yeah Comic! I'm begining to go through withdrawal.

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