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Articles by Brian Jackson

Hilarious 1.4.2

22 July 2009

A couple of days ago I posted the new Hilarious Webcomic Manager to the Mozilla Addon site, hoping that all the Firefox 3.5 users would be able to grab it without too much trouble.

I suppose I hadn't counted on the backlog of addons being updated. For whatever reason, the update hasn't been approved yet and I'm starting to get emails about it.

So far, I've been very encouraged by the number of people who care enough about Hilarious to send me not only mail, but updated files (although, in the case of 1.4.2, the changes in question had already been made). Even so, I feel a sense of urgency about the situation. I wouldn't like it if I couldn't read my comics for a week or two.

Therefore, I've put up a direct download link for people who can't wait for the Mozilla page to be approved. This is an identical file to the one checked into the sandbox. Hopefully I won't have to deal with the crushing weight of millions of downloads, but then again, there are worse problems to deal with than too much interest in one's work.

Hilarious 1.4.2



Can you please update it for the most recent version of FireFox? I need a webcomic manager but this is the only one out there that works :P


Updating this (hopefully) this week.

Thanks for taking an interest in Hilarious!

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