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Articles by Brian Jackson

Newman and libByteImage are on GitHub

23 July 2015

The open-source image processing and toolkit ByteImage is now being hosted on GitHub.

The library acts as a wrapper for ImageMagick, SDL2, OpenCV, and FreeType libraries, while providing many common image processing / computer vision / basic user interface routines and numerical functions.

I've also been working on a new Mandelbrot set renderer called Newman.

Newman features arbitrary-precision arithmetic, multiwave palette coloring, multisampling, and a nice interactive preview tool that makes creating wallpapers and videos easy to do.

I'll leave you with a few sample renders I'm particularly proud of (click to get a wallpaper-sized version):

The "standard view" of the Mandelbrot set


"Eyes" with a little more color

A demo of the default "beer" palette


A field of minibrots

A few nice spirals

Spirals and seahorses



"Super" - this is my favorite one.


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