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Articles by Brian Jackson

BlameGear: The Emulator No One Asked For

6 August 2013

For years now I've been working on a Game Gear emulator off and on, and after all this time, some of the games I grew up with are finally playable.

But Brian, you say, weren't there already emulators available if you had an itch to scratch. Pah! Who cares? This one is mine.

I'm hoping to target the Raspberry Pi once BlameGear is sufficiently compatible with the library of Master System and Game Gear games. Until a release build is ready, though, you can check out my compatibility list and stay up to date with my progress via my incredibly sporadic twitter feed.

A few screenshots:

Batman Returns, with the emulation console open, showing VRAM and palette contents.

Gear Works

Sonic Drift 2

Star Trek Generations


Full compatibility list


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