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Dealing with Blog Spam

15 September 2008

Over the last week or so, a very dedicated spammer has been hitting my comments with dozens of links to all kinds of seedy products. As a result, I've had to change a couple things on the back end of the site.

The new anti-spam policy will include blocking by IP, but I don't intend to store non-spammer IP addresses for any amount of time. The good news is that I'll be able to unlock some of the old posts' comments and I shouldn't have to lock future pages except in extreme cases.

I just wanted to address a couple concerns about weird links people had seen connected to my comments pages. I don't have a problem with people leaving a link back to their site when they post a useful or interesting comment, but it's pretty obvious when someone's using my site for nothing but advertising space.



Looks like there's still a lot of spam to clean up that I missed the first time around. Hopefully, I'll have things cleaned up by later tonight.


Okay, I think it's all cleaned up now. Please leave a comment if you notice any spam from this point forward.

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