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Articles by Brian Jackson

BlameGear Progress

17 August 2013

BlameGear continues to evolve - I've been steadily updating the compatibility list since the last post, and a couple things are worth noting:

SMS Games Are Not Working

For whatever reason, I'm noticing a lot of graphical glitches in SMS games. I've removed them from the list for the time being, but I'm going to keep working on them. Here's a few screenshots of what I'm up against.

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World: All the enemies are garbled. This a common glitch; Sonic on SMS has the same problem in BlameGear.

Prince of Persia: This actually flickers like this. I think it's supposed to be animated?

Ninja Gaiden: Tiles appear to be pulled from the wrong place.

Broken Games Love to Reset

I attribute this to jumping outside the normal program flow. Majors Pro Baseball, an otherwise excellent game, has a number of these glitches, and each one I've fixed has just revealed other places where the game resets.

Windows Builds Were Tricky

I'm still hoping to have a Win32 build soon, but my standard approaches (MinGW or Cygwin) were not an option.

SDL 2.0: A Game Changer?

SDL 2 brings a number of really great features that would be nice to have, but I'm always nervous about changing libraries in this stage of development. It's possible I'll change after the first public Beta is released?

I'm Doing a Talk!

SMACCM, Wittenberg's Math and CS colloqiuum, hosts a number of faculty, student, and invited lectures. As new faculty, I was asked to give a talk, and my hobby project was deemed worthy of the students' attention.

I'm fairly sure the talks are public; keep the evening of September 9 open if you can be in Springfield, Ohio and stay tuned for details...


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