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21 September 2007

When I got home on Sunday, I was all scratched up, lumpy, and swollen in places I didn't know I had.

I'm talking, of course, about the black belt test at Young Champions Self-Defense earlier this week. Six hours of grueling assaults on the bodies and minds of the fourteen people taking the test, and one wood block that didn't break the first time I hit it.

Now, it's a shame I didn't break my hand or something, because the fifty push-ups everyone had to do shortly afterwards would have been much more macho had I done them on a broken hand.

Nevertheless, the middle knuckle on my right hand has been swollen all week, and my (admittedly obfuscated) handwriting is shot to pieces. I was hoping to take some time and do some serious work on the site, but in the blur that this week has become, it fell out of my to-do list.

On the up-side, I won't have to take that particular test again, which is, unfortunately, more than some of the students can say.

So the site will be updated when it's ready to be updated.

In other news, I'm considering opening SourceForge projects for a couple of my programs and libraries. This would allow anyone to have access to the code and might increase the visibility of some of the programs. I'm hoping to get some HP50g calculator code and programs out before the end of October, including a special project near and dear to my heart - Slushies 4. A pre-alpha version of the program already exists, and it's been coming together nicely over the last six months.


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