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Articles by Brian Jackson

Secret Project Revealed: The HWM

5 October 2007

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but those of us here at the site love webcomics. I, personally, try to keep up with between twenty-five and forty comics, and I've found that managing your progress using bookmarks or favorites in your web browser is a huge pain in the butt.

Necessity is the mother of invention

I decided to try my hand at building Firefox extensions, namely, an extension to manage my webcomics, keeping track in a more suitable way than the bookmarks folder I keep.

The Hilarious Webcomic Manager sits in your sidebar, and when you press Shift-Control-H, it opens up with a list of your webcomic favorites. Choosing "Add" allows to to install a new entry, "Open" resumes your progress from where you last visited, and "Mark" saves your current progress to the selected entry.

Now, this is a very early beta version of the extension, but it's already usable. It's available on the projects page for download.

In the next beta release, I should have sorting by date or title, and hopefully enough feedback on usability factors that I can improve the interface quite a bit.

Updated: I've already pushed out a newer version of this to the projects page with sorting by name. Make sure you get the new version before leaving your comments here or on the forum. Thanks!

Update 2: I had to fix the timestamps (they were all working on UTC time instead of the local time), so Beta 2 is now the newest version on the site.

Update 3 (Last one for this weblog entry, I promise): Some more last-minute functionality was added and the timestamps got fixed again. Beta 3 is now the newest version.


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