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Articles by Brian Jackson

Brian Doesn't Update Enough: Volume 3, "Les Comestibles Terribles"

12 October 2009

I haven't written in several weeks, and I place the blame squarely on Coco Wheats.

If I had to describe Coco Wheats to someone who has never experienced Coco Wheats, I think the following chart might be helpful:

Ingredients, Coco Wheats

Not to knock Coco Wheats, of course. The completely unjustified nostalgia I had for this hot industrial-seepage-brown cereal is in no way diminished by my recent rediscovery that if my eyes had been closed, I could swear I was half-slurping, half-gnawing my way through chunky applesauce. In no way does the sudden recollection that I have never been able to prepare a bowl in the microwave in under fifteen minutes deter me from indulging my inner child.

No, this is surely another permutation of the personality quirk that family and friends can testify to: that I will, on occasion, eat horrible things, stop to ponder how bad it tastes, and continue eating.

And despite the fact that I don't enjoy Coco Wheats the way I might enjoy, say, being hit over the head with a claw hammer, I do intend to finish the box.

Which brings me full circle to writing for this website. I do intend to pick back up, knowing full well that the days when I could aimlessly commit two or three hours to drawing a comic have drawn to a close. I do intend to do at least a couple more Ninja comics before calling it quits. I do intend to write articles on a regular basis, preferably before my old readership dies of old age, probably after Fall Quarter at the university is over.

I also intend to follow through with those tech demos in one way or another, though, to be honest, my coding style has developed considerably since the February article in which they first appeared. As a matter of fact, I'm glad in one sense that I haven't made the time to write those demos up, because the methodology they employed is missing a great deal I discovered over the summer. Perhaps a different treatment is in order, but that can be decided later on.

To summarize, this is not the beginning of the end; there are more and greater things ahead for this website. Also, if given a choice between being devoured alive by komodo dragons and preparing a bowl of Coco Wheats, take the Coco Wheats, no matter how close the decision is. And a small bottle of ipecac can save your life in either case.



By the by, I have a new favorite color now.



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