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Articles by Brian Jackson

The Plot Thickens

24 October 2007

It's been entirely too long since the last comic was released. For those of you who still watch and wait, it won't be long until the comic is out. Here's an overview of the plans for the comic this winter:

This week's comic

I'll be continuing to draw the comics the same way I had been, but I'll be making incremental changes rather than shifting my style entirely, as I had planned. This week's comic is from the last script of September, and I've decided to finish the comic I had already started before breaking into the new material.

Next week's comic

I may shift to a day later in the week, like Wednesday or Friday, for new comics. This is because I do have a real job to go to, and I draw the comics purely out of enjoyment.

In the future

I want to introduce some new characters and ideas into the strip, but more importantly, I'd like to change to a new means of production. Right now, I use a Wacom to sketch and the pen tool to ink, but that may change very soon. If any of you out there in internet-land have an idea on a better way to prepare drawings for the comic, drop me a line


Keep your eyes on the main page today and tomorrow. I'll have it out as soon as possible.


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