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BucketMouse Pocket Release 1: Tail Cave

13 November 2016

If you follow me on Twitter (I wonder what his handle is?), you know I've been working off-and-on on another emulator for a few months now. Today's release - or rather, tonight's release - is a Game Boy emulator called BucketMouse.

This is sort of a preview, to be precise: core features that I'm not completely happy with didn't ship yet, such as support for color games or zip archives. Stubbornness is my greatest weakness with personal projects, because I have no reason not to be stubborn if I'm only inconveniencing myself.

Anyhow: feel free to visit the BucketMouse page (still under construction) and grab a copy if you're on a Windows machine. If you're interested in a Mac release, it's in the works, but I'm not totally happy with that either.


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