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Articles by Brian Jackson

Brian Doesn't Update Enough: Volume 6, "The Inevitable Semi-Reboot"

17 November 2013

Between moving, getting married, starting a new job, finishing up my university coursework, and starting my dissertation research, it's been pretty hectic for me since this time last year.

Nevertheless, it's time for my neglected website to serve a purpose again. I'm currently working on a number of projects inside and outside of my professional career, and I'd like to make these things publicly available.

I've spent some of my time this weekend rewriting some of the website, from background PHP scripts that handle blog content to the individual pages for software projects. I have a more robust set of scripts at my disposal for keeping things up to date without the tedium that used to accompany updating my site, and I'm hoping that this will inspire me to keep things up to date.

There's still more to do, but I'd point out that now BlameGear has a persistent page as opposed to a number of disconnected blog posts. In the future, my Android app (details TBA) will have a page, Vector Thrust is getting a thorough overhaul, and a few things related to the courses I'm teaching will be available.

Stick with me, faithful readers (who I assume are still actively checking my website on a daily basis since my most recent post), and we'll see where the future takes us.


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