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Articles by Brian Jackson

Brian Doesn't Update Often Enough: Christmas Edition

16 December 2008

I know, I know.

I've thought about making "Brian Doesn't Update Often Enough" a regular feature, but that would be ironic and paradoxical.

There are a few projects I've been working on lately, and over the rest of the year I intend to be posting information about them. Most likely, the site's main departments are going to be rearranged - an "upcoming projects" page with screenshots of projects I haven't completed or released to the public will be added, the "software projects" page may be reorganized, and the comic's future will be decided.

First, the projects. A number of programs have been featured here on the site, but never published in downloadable form, including ReiTrei 2. I want to roll them out in proof-of-concept form. The practical result is going to be highly incomplete, but interesting programs that everyone can look at and leave feedback. Additionally, some programs that weren't featured on here but have been sitting around in proof-of-concepts on my computer will slowly make it online.

Second, the comic. I'm doing three jobs right now, and when university classes start in January, I'll be doing two in addition to a twenty-plus credit hour quarter. This means there won't be time to start a regular schedule for the comic again for some time. I might come up with a few odds and ends to put up, but for the most part, there won't be a lot of new Ninja coming around. That said, if and when I do start the comic again, I'm looking at a few small changes in art and style. Plenty of jokes remain to be told, I think, and I'm not quite finished with Ninja yet, but every other project, work, and classes are going to take priority over the comic for a while.

Third, Blog posts and articles. I'm still looking for a solution to the problem of spam here. Chances are it'll be some sort of captcha or an email-verification mechanism.

The changes are going to take place one thing at a time, but I'll be posting updates as they happen, so keep an eye on the RSS feed for more information.


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