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Articles by Brian Jackson

BlameGear v0.1 (Highway) Release

17 December 2013

Well, it's been a long road, but the first public beta of BlameGear is on the web!

It has lots of modern features, like menus and the ability to load games without crashing most of the time.

You can download it from the BlameGear page, and leave me feedback here in the comments. Remember to check the compatibility list before reporting a game as good or bad - although I haven't updated very many items since 0.0.4.

There is a performance issue with many Windows computers, which I'm working on - and I wouldn't rule out a small update once I have it sorted out. Still, I don't imagine most computers will have trouble running it at nearly full speed.

This is really only the beginning. With any luck, the next major beta will be out in a few weeks!



By the by, I've got a Tweet button now!


I note that the performance is actually crippling on some older computers (say, single-core XP machines). I'm still working on it, I promise!

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