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Articles by Brian Jackson

BlameGear v0.2 (Harbor) Release

31 December 2013

BlameGear is ahead of schedule with tonight's Harbor release, which boasts a number of improvements over Highway!

First, compatibility is greatly improved over Highway. Games like Samurai Shodown, which had timing issues resulting in flickering, are now smooth as silk.

I've also transitioned to SDL 2.0 and a more modern cross-compiler, meaning that performance ought to be vastly improved for Windows users. Plus, fixed resolution rendering is a thing of the past, and you can maximize the BlameGear window or stretch it to arbitrary sizes. The menu also allows users to change a number of emulation settings for sound and video, as well as remap keys.

The BlameGear page download links have been updated for v0.2, and I look forward to receiving feedback as users try out the new improvements.


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